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Myddelton & Major is an independent firm and a member of the royal institution of chartered surveyors serving clients in the across the region since it was established in Salisbury over 100 years ago.



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Still going strong, still “Vigilant”

A hundred years ago the world was recovering from a global pandemic – and Salisbury estate agents Myddelton and Major were open for business at their base in the High Street.

The pandemic back then was the Spanish Flu, which affected approximately one-third of the world’s population.

A cutting from the Salisbury Times dated April 1920 has come to light showing that Newbery Myddelton & Major, as the firm was known then, was advertising its house and estate agency services both at their headquarters and at the Amesbury branch office.

They could be contacted by telephone at ‘110 Salisbury’ – or by telegram using the address “Vigilant, Salisbury”. The firm had been established 17 years before, in 1903.

Myddelton & Major Partner Dean Speer said: “The parallels between hundred years ago today are remarkable.  The country was dealing with a pandemic then and we are all having to cope with a similar situation today.  The effects of both are clearly tragic for many people, but as in 1920, life and business still goes on.

“Today, as a hundred years go, people and businesses look to professional expertise and to advisors who have been consistently delivering that advice over a long term.”

“Myddelton & Major are proud to still be able to offer that expert service,  through all world events that have impacted our lives over that last hundred years .”

“Much has changed since 1920, with the advent of modern technology and electronic communications.  Back in 1920 we had our own dedicated telegraph address, the equivalent of today’s web address or email.  Our telegraph address was “Vigilant”, which we think still epitomises our approach; we are still vigilant to the needs and requirements of our clients in changing and evolving market conditions.”

Other advertisements in the Salisbury Times that week offered charabanc outings, films at The Picture House, piano lessons, cattle sales – and cut-price tinned fruit.

Elsewhere that year, the Council of the League of Nations met for the first time in London, King George V opened the Imperial War Museum at the Crystal Palace and Rupert Bear first appeared in a cartoon strip in the Daily Express. And Prince Albert, later George VI, met Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who would become his wife and later Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Myddelton & Major was named the most active agency in Wiltshire in 2020 for the ninth year running by Estates Gazette, the weekly and online magazine of the UK commercial property industry.

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